Chameleon Academy Arboreal XL Enclosure - Main
Chameleon Academy Arboreal XL Enclosure - Inside Planted
Chameleon Academy Arboreal XL Enclosure - Inside Planted 2
Chameleon Academy Arboreal XL Enclosure - Inside Planted 2
Chameleon Academy Arboreal XL Enclosure -Front
Branch Anchors for the Chameleon Academy Arboreal XL Enclosure
Front Vents and clear viewing area for the Chameleon Academy Arboreal XL Enclosure

Chameleon Academy Arboreal XL Enclosure - 36 L x 30 W x 48 H

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Ordering: Our enclosures are made to order so please allow a little time for your order be manufactured and prepared for shipping. Please check current wait times before you place your order, so that you can plan for its arrival. Our current enclosure ship times can always be found here - Ship Times  

Now America's best selling all PVC enclosures, our Evolution Series is leading the way with our pet first designs that are safer, give your pet as much as 50% more room and include all the "extras" like proper ventilation, humidity control, door locks and of course our signature screensThe Chameleon Academy is a multimedia outreach hosted by Bill Strand. Chameleons are the main focus, but it is a study of how to keep arboreal reptiles. This team-up between Custom Reptile Habitats and the Chameleon Academy has been established to create an enclosure line that caters specifically to the needs of arboreal reptiles and amphibians. Through-out the Arboreal Enclosure line you will find features designed to allow you to suspend branches and plants above the floor, excellently light from top to bottom, and use multiple hydration methods.

Product Details 

  • External Dimensions - 36" L x 30" W x 48" H
  • Internal Dimensions - 35" L x 29" W x 43.5" H
  • Internal Space - 191 Gallons - 25.5 Cubic Feet
  • Internal Floor Space - 7 Square Feet
  • Substrate volume - 140 Quarts
  • Enclosure Weight - 75 Pounds
  • 1/4 Inch Tempered Glass Doors to withstand the Highest Humidity Levels
  • Materials - High quality USA made PVC, Tempered Glass with Aluminum mesh
  • Country of Origin - USA
  • Please Note: This enclosure is made of black PVC and is shipped standard with bare walls. The product images show a printed background which is an optional upgrade

Our reptile enclosures are made in the USA


  • Extra large 36 L x 30 W x 48 H Deep format design - provides room for crawling, jumping, and creating an environment.
  • Unique Branch Anchors suspend branches and plants above the enclosure floor
  • 8 Inch deep Bioactive Basin to create a bioactive floor
  • Forest Floor Window to see your bioactive floor close up
  • Chimney effect vents for natural airflow
  • Sliding 1/4 inch Tempered glass doors – can hold heat and withstand 100% humidity
  • Upper design hides unsightly light fixtures on top of enclosure
  • Predrilled holes for three 1/2” mist nozzles and one 1” fogging tube
  • Top panel cut-outs allow variations in lighting strategy
  • Includes keyed lock – Prevents accidental escapes
  • Optional Background print
  • Optional Stand and stackable Utility Units
  • High quality USA made PVC construction – The preferred choice for reptile enclosures. Holds high humidity and will never break, rot or catch fire
  • Includes keyed lock – Prevents accidental escapes
  • This enclosure comes semi-assembled and packs flat to save on shipping costs. The assembly is easy to do and takes just minutes to complete - Click Here
  • Made in the USA – Built up to a standard, not down to a price

Full Description

The Chameleon Academy Arboreal XL Enclosure was designed to give you the space and features to create a nurturing and enriching sanctuary for your arboreal reptiles. 

  • Wide Format - The Arboreal XL Enclosure is in a larger 36” long format to give arboreals the chance to move and jump side to side. 
  • Extra Depth - The depth (distance from front to back) has been extended to 30” to allow light to the bioactive floor even if a plant canopy is suspended above the ground. 
  • Unique Branch Anchors - These anchors allow you to easily zip tie or attach branches and potted plants above the enclosure floor to create a canopy and dense leafy layer. This provides security for small arboreal reptiles and amphibians. There are four branch anchors on each side and the back. With this coverage you are able to attach branches that will create a network that allows your arboreal to use all the air space in the enclosure.
  • Bioactive Ground - This enclosure provides 8 inches of depth for a bioactive soil. This allows root penetration for most indoor decorative plants. Drainage may be accomplished by the typical drainage layer or an optional drain feature.
  • Forest Floor Viewing window - We all know we might have a beautiful chameleon in the trees, but we love watching the forest floor with our isopods or, perhaps, colorful dart frogs. This special feature allows you to view your bioactive enclosure at its level.
  • Air Exchange Vent System - Air exchange is a critical component to vivarium health. We have a series of vents below the door and multiple screened areas on the top panel to encourage cool air to come in below and be drawn up which provides a natural air exchange. If more ventilation is required, there is a cut out where a small fan may be placed.

A great amount of planning has gone into the configuration of this enclosure. Here is a tour of the support system put in place for you to create a suitable environment for the animal of your choice.

Top Panel Equipment Placement

Top Panel Equipment Placement for the Chameleon Academy Arboreal XL Enclosure

There are a number of cut-outs in the top panels to facilitate light, heat, UVB, ventilation, misting, and fogging. To start off, every cut-out comes with a removable plug or is covered with an aluminum screen to block the escape of any wall crawling gecko, roach, or flying insect. 

  1. Misting Nozzle inputs - Your enclosure has three .6” diameter holes which are intended for misting nozzles. The industry standard Mist King nozzles will fit in these holes. If you want to consider alternative mist nozzles, the nozzle “stem” must be .6” in diameter and the threads need to clear .8”. This is a difficult thing to tell as stem thread count is not usually a published specification! But this picture demonstrates the difference. This enclosure is structurally sound because of the thickness of the walls. The mist nozzle must be able to go all the way through and have enough thread for the nut to hold it in place. MistKing misters are available through Custom Reptile Habitats and can be added to your order
  2. Front LED light bar Cut-out (21” x 2”) - There are two LED bar positions, one in front and one in back. These are placed such that lights here will not be blocked by the plants suspended in the middle of the enclosure. These lights will get down to the bottom of the enclosure and feed the plants on the bioactive floor. If you elect to not fill these light positions then they act as further ventilation. This cut-out is designed to fit industry standard 24” LED bars.
  3. Ventilation square (7” x 7 3/4”) - This area is designed to be left open so even if you fill up each of the light cut-outs you will still have the necessary ventilation on top. If you find that more ventilation is necessary place a computer fan blowing UP on this square and you will supplement the chimney effect.
  4. Main Lights cut-out (22” x 11 1/4”) - The main light area is designed to accommodate a four bulb T5 fixture or a 24” LED light bar and 24” UVB bulb. This is a general use area to fill with whatever light/UVB/heat your reptile requires.
  5. Basking cut-out (7 3/4” diameter) - This is designed for a standard 8” Dome fixture to hold a heating bulb.
  6. Back LED light bar Cut-out (21” x 2”) - Space designed for a 24” LED Light bar to provide light to the forest floor or any plants that are placed at the back of the enclosure.
  7. Fogger input (.8” diameter) - This hole will accept a standard fogger tube. It is screened so no insects or geckos will escape if you do not use it and none will crawl into your fogger if you do!

For a full compliment, your shopping list would be;

2* Arcadia 22W Jungle Dawn LED Bar

1* Quad T5 24” Fixture with 6500K bulbs

1* Arcadia 6% UVB, 24W (12% or 14% if higher UVB needed)

1* ZooMed deep Dome 8” Fixture

1* Arcadia Halogen Basking Light (wattage as appropriate for species)

3* MistKing misting Nozzles or the MistKing Ultimate Misting System

1* Fogger

1* 120mm waterproof variable fan

Bioactive or Bare Floor? - This enclosure can be used with a bare floor or with a bioactive substrate. If water will be free within the enclosure you will need to seal the bottom of the enclosure with a silicone bead and go up along the corners for the depth of any substrate to be used. Any aquarium grade silicone will be effective. 100% Silicone cartridges are also available as an option when purchasing this enclosure.

Drainage A drainage layer may be created by a layer of leca, substrate blocking cloth, and substrate or else you can elect to purchase a drain to be installed as an add on option.

Background This enclosure comes with black PVC walls. You have the option to purchase a background from any provider that you can easily install during assembly or else you can purchase a background when you buy your enclosure here. If you are purchasing your own background you need to order three panels. These are the inside dimensions of each panel:

Left Side = 28 3/4” x 43 3/4”

Back = 35 1/2” x 43 3/4”

Right Side = 28 3/4” x 43 3/4”

Assembly - This enclosure is large and may require the help of another person to hold panels while they are put together, but the assembly itself is quite simple. Only a Philips head screw driver is required. Assembly consists of attaching branch anchors to panels, six panels attached together by screws, and putting some handles on the glass doors. That is the extend of assembly! This enclosure ships flat. 

Available Accessories - A number of options are available to complete your enclosure presentation. You may add these on with your enclosure order

Enclosure Stand - The stand is 48” long, 30” wide, and 30” high. Your enclosure sits on top of this stand with 12” of extra space on either side. This space may be used to set your fogger or other equipment Or else you can purchase 30” long, 12” wide, and 12” high Utility Units which can stack up to four beside the enclosure for storage or display. There is additional storage inside the stand. Two table options are offers that put a shelf at either 12” or 18” of height. These can be used for any purpose, but one useful example would be to hold a drainage bucket on one side (if you purchase the drain option with the enclosure or add one yourself) and a misting reservoir on the other side. There are holes on the left and right of the back for electrical cords.

Utility Units - Utility shelves that can be stacked next to the enclosure and offer storage or display space. These are 30” long, 12” wide, and 12” high.

Stand Tables - Choose between putting a shelf at 12” high and 18” high. One table will fit in one half of the stand.

Background - If you purchase a background at the time of buying your enclosure we will send the background already installed on the side and back.

Drain - A purchase of a drain when you purchase the enclosure does with the option of having us drill the installation hole. The default is to put it in the middle of the enclosure. If you purchase a drain, please specify if you would like us to drill the 2” diameter drain hole in the floor of the enclosure. If you are purchasing both an enclosure and a stand then we can make sure the holes line up. (The stand hole will be larger to allow some movement.)

Silicone - 100% silicone. We sell tubes which require an applicator tool.

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