Maximum Reptile™

Frustrated with current, commercially available reptile cages, our brand Maximum Reptile™ was developed to offer much more than the minimum size required for reptiles. Our pet-first designs offer safer and more efficient lighting and heating options, better control of humidity levels, safer, stronger materials with unparalleled standards. 

We believe that pet reptiles deserve a great habitat in which to live and thrive in and so instead of just accepting what's available, Maximum Reptile™ has created a stunning range of enclosures that are not only designed with your reptiles needs in mind, their attractive, stylish designs will look great in in your home too.

Some like you to think they make the best reptile enclosures but without certain design standards, it's just hype. We developed our brand Maximum Reptile™ because nearly all brands of commercially available reptile enclosures in the US simply lack the necessary design features that pet reptiles need like external lighting and heating that is better, safer and provides more room for the inhabitants.

The same old “Breeder Standard” enclosures from the "Rack em and Stack em" builders may work well if your goal is to store as many reptiles as you can in a small space, but pet reptiles need far more in their forever homes and this is where Maximum Reptile™ is leading the way forward. offers amazing habitats for your pet reptiles

We also offer a full range of Complete Reptile Kits, Backgrounds, Reptile Habitat Décor, Artificial Plants and lots more on our main site:



Wow, I'm impressed

Super easy to assemble with just a screwdriver and all the precise cut parts fit together without any sloppiness. Making stackable pvc with a light cage inside is just genius.

Lakewood, CO

Eco 25 vertical

Very nice cage easy to put together will buy plenty more

Eco-25 Gallon all PVC enclosure shown in our horizontal version with our optional screen
Jacob Adams
Terrell, TX

Amazing products!

I’ve bought several of the smaller ready to ship models, as well as the 4x2x2’s. All of which have been great products, far better than other PVC vendors I’ve purchased from in the past. Keep it up as I plan on ordering more in the future!

Greenley, Co

More than I expected

This is an awesome enclosure. The internal dimensions provide an excellent area to create a controlled habitat for my monitor. I am not quite done, but it is enough for him to move in. The floor space (94”x46”) is enough to contain a water feature in one corner. The vertical space (70”) gives me room to give him 3 levels.

I live on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex. The enclosure sounds big, but it is ideal. Pick a wall and make this enclosure a feature or center piece.

Essential 8 Foot PVC and Aluminum Enclosures
Mark S
Studio City, CA

Great build quality and looks amazing

Love the build quality and it was very simple to put together with everything predrilled. My ball python seems to enjoy the extra room

Jason Cox
Hendersonville, NC

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