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Yes, please see Reptile Enclosure Size Recommendations here on our sister site - Custom Reptile Habitats

Due to the transportation costs, at this time we are just shipping throughout the USA (lower 48 + Alaska) and Canada.

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Yes we do and our retail store and showroom is open to the public during the week and on Saturdays. Also, for our local and nearby customers, you are now able to save on shipping costs by selecting "Pick up" while placing your order which will enable to you pick up directly from our Dayton, Ohio location, once your order is complete. 

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Yes, often we can change or modify your order as long as you contact us before your order ships.

We have an awesome return policy so should you not be 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will refund 100% of the purchase price within 30 days and, after receiving your returned order (Please Note: some restrictions apply such as customizations and custom build enclosures). Note: freight and credit card costs cannot be refunded.

For order cancellations on enclosures, we allow 48 hours from the time your order was placed to notify us that you wish to cancel for a refund. After 48 hours, there is a 10% cancellation fee.

For order cancellations on décor and other items other than enclosures, we allow 48 hours from the time your order was placed to notify us that you wish to cancel for a refund. After 48 hours, there is a 5% cancellation fee.

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About Us

Our physical address is: 2609 Nordic Road, Dayton, Ohio 45414 and we are on the Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST) but ship from several warehouses across the USA. 

While we specialize in providing the very best enclosures, backgrounds, décor and complete reptile kits, we often get questions asking where are the best places to purchase ongoing supplies and so we have compiled a list of online stores sell the various reptile supplies that we use and recommend - Click here for details

Product Questions

Actually, our enclosures have both so that you can achieve high or low humidity. Most enclosures have screen tops so that the lights can go outside as this gives the reptiles more room, its safer, its easier to control ambient temps, provides more airflow, is less reflective and looks a lot better too. More info on proper enclosure design here

You could but we don't think you should. This afterthought is due to "breeder standard" designs of the past and is dangerous, ineffective and looks terrible as well. Instead of following the flock, we are continually innovating new designs that work better and safer for your pet reptiles - Click Here For Details

Yes you could however, all of our enclosures are designed for more advanced (and safer) heating methods as in Tungsten halogen lamps as a primary heat source and a Deep Heat Projector, or Radiant Heat Panel (with a thermostat) as a secondary heat source. This method provides a far superior heat source than under tank heaters, ceramic heat emitters and heat tape that only provide a minimal level of energy that can actually be used by reptiles. 

It is for this reason that we encourage our customers to move away from this old technology and towards safer, more effective overhead heating that will actually benefit your pet reptile's health and wellbeing in the heating process. For more information, please visit our page on Reptile Lighting and Heating 

No, the reason being is that PVC is a water-resistant material not water proof, therefore it cannot support standing water in the bottom of the enclosure.

That setup is more suited for Dart Frogs and other high humidity amphibians etc. and can be achieved with a glass enclosure since they are more of an aquarium design.

You can certainly still have a bioactive setup, but use a self-draining substrate instead, we recommend and use the Bio Dude as they provide great substrates for this method. Please be sure to do your research with the species you are keeping, as hydro balls also can prohibit them from exhibiting their natural behaviors such as burrowing.

We recommend and use animal safe silicone such as GE clear silicone 1 or ASI silicone which can be found online or at your local hardware store. These products both contain 100% silicone and cure in about 24 hours.

Warning: do not use any sealants that are NOT listed as animal safe as they may be toxic to your pet.

No, we let the customer drill them exactly where they want them (if they want them at all). As it's so easy to drill through PVC, its simply better to just drill a small hole where you see fit, and then just seal it up again with some silicone around the hole once you have your cord or probe positioned.

Please note: large generic holes for plugs have resulted in countless reptile escapes, so please take this into consideration.

We certainly design our enclosures with this goal and have several features to help prevent reptiles, amphibians, isopods and feeder insects from escaping. With this in mind, any enclosure that has screens, vents and opening doors will have some possibility of escape. 

Sliding doors -  All sliding doors will have a gap between them and could possibly provide an escape route for very small reptiles and insects. If a snake can get its head between the doors, it may be able to get out, and to prevent this we recommend installing a weather/foam strip to close the gap.   

For some of our enclosure designs we include acrylic, or polycarbonate doors that can flex in the middle. We do have options to prevent this exact issue by way of the optional security and glass door upgrades.

Screen tops - Our screen tops allow more UVB light to penetrate them (77% compared to others at under 50%) so the holes are larger than some manufacturers. This can provide a possible escape route for newly hatched Garter snakes for example, and other very small reptiles and insects. Larger species like newly hatched corn snakes for example should be fully blocked, but it's always important to make sure that your particular reptile won't be able to escape. 

Front vents - Some of our enclosures have a stainless steel fly screen added between the enclosure walls to help contain isopods and other small insects. Please note that our 8 ft. enclosures do not have fly screen on the front vent as these larger enclosures are commonly used to house some monitor species, and fly screen has been known to catch and injure their toenails.

Yes, most of our larger doors are made from Polycarbonate (AKA Lexan) and we now have the sizes in the below link so that you can order the glass before your enclosure ships out. This way you can have your glass doors made and ready for your enclosure when it arrives. Click Here for Our Enclosure Door Size Details

At this time we are no longer offering custom sized enclosures. We may at some time again in the future offer this service but currently this service is not available.  

No but we do now make great breeding enclosures - Click Here


This page we has the list of instructions and tips: Click Here

Reptile Care and Husbandry Questions

Yes, we have compiled basic care sheets for some of the most popular pet reptiles on our sister site; Custom Reptile Habitats. You can see the list by Clicking here

If you are breeding your ball python and by better you mean easier for you to care for, then racks are certainly very efficient and make it easy for you to provide the minimal possible care for large quantities of ball pythons, in the shortest possible time. A small plastic tub, a water bowl and some paper or other substrate is the most basic setup possible and when your objective is breeding, and your goal is to keep your costs down in order to make a profit, racks are the most popular way to do this. 

Rack keeping is essentially a commercial business method and was not intended for the long term care of any reptiles. Racks and the small plastic tubs that slide inside them were originally based on how rodents are commercially farmed, and were specifically designed for the reptile breeding sector and should never be confused with how to properly care for a pet Ball Python. The notion that this is somehow on par with pet keeping standards or is superior to pet level care is simply misinformation and is just factually wrong.

In the United States and several other countries, the facts are that while most Ball Pythons are bred in a rack and tub system, most pet reptile keepers, who represent over 99% of all reptile keepers, house their ball pythons in much larger setups. Ideally, your pet reptile’s enclosure should try to mirror their natural habitat with décor, plants and other enrichment as well as appropriate lighting and heating in order to try and provide the best care possible for your Ball Python.

For more information and our Reptile Enclosure Size Recommendations - Click Here

No, it's one of the many myths that come with keeping reptiles. Remember, our pet reptiles were in the wild just a few decades ago where they have done extremely well over the millions of years. To think that they won't find their food or will stress out unless they are confined in a tiny enclosure is simply not true. With ethe correct parameters, your reptile can thrive in a very large enclosure.