SES - Series 4 PVC Enclosure
SES Series - Close up of the Internal Hood
This unique design features a clear front sliding door for easy front access to the lighting units
SES - Series 4 PVC Enclosure - from the side view
SES - Series 4 PVC Enclosure - Front view
SES - Series 3 PVC Enclosure - side view
SES - Series 4 PVC Enclosure - Rear view
SES - Series 3 PVC Enclosure - Rear view
SES Series Features our Signature Mesh that lest 77% of UVB to penetrate
SES - Series 4 PVC Enclosures can easily be stacked up 4 high

SES - Series 4 PVC Enclosure - 48 L x 24 W x 24 H

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What is the S.E.S. Series?

SCIENCE ETHICS AND STANDARDS Incorporating the Science of the vastly superior lighting set ups that come from basking lights that provide full spectrum lightingIncorporating the Science of the vastly superior lighting set ups that come from basking lights that provide full spectrum lighting (including UVB light). The Ethics of the current recommendations on enrichment, to allow the animals to display their natural behavior. Plus, the pet industry Standards recommending that a snake must be housed in an enclosure that is at least large enough to allow for the length of a snake, using a length plus width formula, our new enclosure series is called S.E.S., which incorporates Science, Ethics and Standards.

Product Details 

  • External Dimensions - 48" L x 23.5" W x 23.5" H
  • External Space - 120 Gallons
  • Internal Dimensions - 47" L x 22" W x 22.5" H (Less internal hood)
  • Internal Space - 100.71 Gallons (less internal hood)
  • Internal Floor Space - 7.02 Square Feet
  • Aluminum Screen Top Area - 19" L x 11" W
  • Enclosure Weight - 70 Pounds
  • Meets Pet Industry Standards
  • Standard 1/4 Inch Acrylic Doors
  • Materials - PVC
  • Country of Origin - Manufactured in Ohio from Imported PVC
  • Unobstructed Front View
  • Even Stronger 1 Inch Thick Front Support for Stacking  
  • Optional Bioactive 7 Inch Substrate Lip Option
  • Optional Sliding Door Security Upgrade (for Standard Acrylic Doors)
  • Optional Tempered Glass Doors Upgrade

Caution - if you are keeping small snakes or very small reptiles - there is a small gap between the internal hood and the front sliding doors. Like many enclosure designs, backgrounds, secured décor or hides, or substrate lip addons, gaps can pose a risk to your snake, or other reptiles of squeezing into the gap. If you are keeping small or juvenile snakes, or very small reptiles, we advise to plan your setup with this in mind. When the rear door is on the right, the gap is 3/8" at the bottom and 1/2" at the side of the internal hood. When the rear door is on the left, the gap is 3/4" at the bottom and 7/8" at the side of the internal hood.

Also, always make sure that the clear door on the internal hood is fully closed to prevent escapes. For best practice, always closely monitor your reptiles over the first month or so when changing or modifying their habitats.


  • Progressive design – Puts your pets needs first with our unique heating and lighting compartment and our unique ventilation system under and above the front doors 
  • 1/2" PVC construction – The preferred choice for reptile enclosures. Holds high humidity and will never break, rot or catch fire
  • This PVC has a glossy finish which easily wipes clean and is more durable
  • Safe for lizards AND snakes – No dangerous lights inside that can burn curious reptiles. Features a clear window in front of the lights for easy replacement of the bulbs and tubes. Also, prevents inquisitive snakes from getting inside the internal hood.  
  • Aluminum screen with lots of airflow – Lets 77% of UVB inside (some screens block as much as 50%)
  • Ventilation system for better airflow will help to keep your reptiles healthier
  • Whisper quiet, sliding Abrasion and UV Resistant 1/4 inch Acrylic doors – Enjoy safety and clarity for many years to come.
  • Upgradable 3 1/4 Inch deep base – Allows for bioactive setups with real plants
  • Includes keyed lock  – Prevents accidental escapes
  • This enclosure comes semi-assembled and packs flat to save on shipping costs. The assembly is easy to do and takes just minutes to complete
  • Super strong design – Stacks up to 4 high without the need for spacers
  • Manufactured in Ohio – Built up to a standard, not down to a price

Product Description

Our S.E.S. series is specifically targeted at both the pet keeper, and small batch breeder that will have an advantage within the very competitive niche, by providing proper lighting and an ethically sized, enriched enclosure that meets current pet industry standards.

  • Perfect for Ball Pythons, Corn Snakes, Hognose and Kingsnakes and other medium sizes reptiles
  • Superior, water resistant, PVC ensures this enclosure will never break, catch fire or rot
  • Internal hood design for your lighting and heating system. Will fit 2 large 8" domes and a 2ft linear UVB fixture as well
  • The height under the screen is 12" allowing for proper UVB levels
  • The front vents run under the front doors and allow more airflow and when used in higher humidity setups, will greatly reduce or even eliminate fogging up the viewing area 
  • Easy access sliding doors for perfect viewing and no-hassle cleaning
  • 10 year warranty on all Maximum Reptile™ enclosures and accessories

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